6 Amazing Herbs To Be Used With Pasta

Our connection with herbs can be traced back to the times when herbs were used primarily for their medical properties of healing wounds and curing diseases. Over time, these herbs also got recognition for their unique flavours and aroma. Now, every dish from the delectable Italian cuisine prepared in any kitchen of the world includes herbs in some quantity to induce a unique flavour to the dish. Brands from a list of top 10 pasta companies in India suggest their customers to use commonly available herbs and give their final dish a fresh flavour. So to help you prepare pasta, the most delectable dish from the Italian cuisine, with the usage of herbs, here is a list of some of the most commonly used herbs. Have a look at them!

Basil: — This refreshing herb can give a very sweet and pungent taste to any pasta dish. To get the maximum flavour in the pasta dish, add dry basil to the dish in the beginning. For this, all you need to do is; sauté basil in a little butter before adding other ingredients like sauce and pasta. If you forget to add basil while cooking, know that it also works wonderfully when used for garnishing a pasta dish.

Thyme: — Thanks to its aromatic and minty flavour, thyme stands to be the most used herb in preparation of various pasta variants. Experienced pasta makers in India warn home cooks to be careful while using thyme. Thyme must be added at the beginning of the cooking process to get the maximum flavour in the dish. Additionally, unlike other herbs, thyme isn’t strongly aromatic; it has an aroma that is very subtle and dry. Rich in Vitamin C, fibre, and iron, this dry herb can easily enhance the nutrient content of a pasta dish.

Rosemary: — Rich in iron, calcium, dietary fibre and antioxidants, this healthy herb is widely used in the preparation of various pasta dishes. Addition of this herb to a pasta dish gives a very strong lemon-pine flavour. The aroma of this herb is tea-like, with a fragrance similar to charred wood that makes this herb compatible with various pasta dishes.

Parsley: — Widely used in pasta preparation as a fresh culinary herb or dried spice, parsley has been labelled as one of the most powerful disease-fighting herbs. Addition of parsley to a pasta dish can give a mild “bitter” taste that adds balance to savoury dishes. Experiment with this unique herb and experience the new taste!

Oregano: — Oregano is a bold herb with a strong flavour. When added while cooking or during garnishing, this herb gives a slightly bitter and pungent flavour to the pasta dish. Pasta makers in India use this herb extensively during the preparation of different pasta dishes for its various health benefits and rich flavour.

Sage: — This herb offers endless health benefits to humans due to its high level of antioxidants. With a pine-like flavour and aroma, the addition of sage to a pasta dish can give it a sweet and somewhat bitter taste. Due to its unique taste, most chefs at restaurants use this herb for preparing pasta.

This is all about the most common herbs used in preparing pasta in India. Use them as per the requirement of your dish and add new flavours to your pasta. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Do let us know your views on this!

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